Final Night of Freedom

I’m sitting at a rest area between Green Bay and Manitowoc. It’s my last night (for now) being homeless. I rented an apartment in Green Bay, and I move in tomorrow evening.

Yet More Haunt Drama

It has been a tumultuous week since I wrote my previous entry. A major incident occurred on Saturday. I won’t go into detail about, but I was more furious (and justifiably so, I think) than I had ever been in many many years. I had serious concerns that I would react violently, so I left Green Bay Fear the next morning. (However, I am happy to report that this incident had nothing to do with my core group of haunt friends.)

I spent two nights at a Motel 6, fully prepared to pack up my things and head either for Madison or west the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. I had settled on a room share in Madison, but the owner was in Montana at the time and wouldn’t be back until today. Not wanting to waste more money at a motel, I headed back to Nicolet National Forest to camp for a few nights.

The Forest

Going into Nicolet, I felt that Green Bay was a dead end for me; that I had no future there. In fact, I felt like I had been slowly rotting away ever since I returned to Green Bay. I had lost most of the energy, momentum, joy, and laughter I had built up from my time on the road.

But the Forest has an unusual effect on me. I first noticed it at Mt. Hood, and it became really obvious to me during this stay. It soothed my ire and restored some of the tranquility I had lost.

I still feel that Green Bay is not somewhere I want to be for long. But I decided that it would be in my best interest to remain here, among friends and the familiar, while I execute a proper search and make a proper, viable plan. Not whatever I can cobble together in between data signals.

A High-Wire Act of a Plan

Chief among these challenges will be to figure out HOW to run a successful haunt business and satisfy my few “first world needs”, all while fulfilling a very real mental health need I seem to have developed for remaining connected to the Forest. The travel trailer idea was going to rely too heavily on factors beyond my control and still wouldn’t provide enough space for me to do my craft. My current working idea is to secure an industrial space (preferably in a wooded area) and make it double as a residence. But that has complications, too.

Not that I want to hash these details out in this post tonight. The point is – I’m staying in Green Bay for at least the next year. This goes against my better judgement. I can only take solace in the fact that I would have had regrets, no matter which path I took. Hopefully, I will not lose my remaining courage and momentum before it’s time to move on.

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