Welcome to the Freak Show

During my trip, I felt undeserving of the title “crust punk” or “gutter punk” because I had a cushy truck with air conditioning. I was living a more comfortable life than the other punks I had met. But now that the trip is over and I’ve settled into my new temporary living conditions, I think I have earned the title. Now if I could just earn myself a punk nickname.

Nicolet Forest

Nicolet National ForestThe stay at Nicolet Forest was – on the whole – pretty good. Remy and I hiked to Butternut Lake several times and I went swimming in it at least five times. Remy even followed me out deep a couple of times. I’m not sure if it was because she thought I was in trouble or because she saw that I was having fun and wanted to get in on that action.

But despite her finally learning how to swim, it was clear to me that she still didn’t love it. For the most part, she played in the vast forest while I was out in the lake. I can’t believe how much I’ve come to be able to trust her. She was frequently out of my sight, and I never once got really concerned that she was lost. She always found her way back to camp. And in fact now, we have gotten to the point where she is more aware of where I am than I am of where she is.

I really like spending time in forests. They’re isolated and private, which gives you an opportunity to sort of expose yourself to nature and be at her mercy, and it instills those primal urges in you. The forest exacted her rent in blood from me once again. But this time, most of the rent was paid out to mosquitoes – the shear quantity of which were insufferable.

Green Bay Fear

The guy from the other haunt got back to me and told me they were not looking for build help – that they assembled their build crew back in March. He invited me to come out to audition to act, but I’m not going anywhere (I don’t care how awesome the reputation of a haunt is) *just* to act. I like acting just fine, but it’s the build process I’m most passionate about.

After I spoke to people from two other haunts, I was ultimately invited to Green Bay Fear. I now live in their parking lot, and work throughout the day. I’ve been assigned my own area to work on. It’s nice because it gives me something to work on when I’m the only person here without fucking up someone else’s work.

The Freak Show

Macy, Brittani, Kyle, and Cole

Best of all, some (nay, most) of my closest friends from Terror on the Fox have since moved over here. So it’s a sort of reunion for me. Additionally, I’ve met some new folks – my notable favorite being “Bones”.

We’re a cadre of haunters, but in a way, I do feel like I’ve joined the freak show. And I don’t say that to mean any sort of disrespect. On the contrary. I love these guys. They’re wacky and eccentric, nutty, and have similar attitudes toward life as I do.

Shared Commitment

Bones, Kyle, Brittani, Maggie, and Morgan

I don’t know why I should find any of this surprising, but as I talk to my favorites among the group, I find out that we all share the same dream of figuring out a way to make haunt life a sustainable life for all of us. Such that we don’t have to work any other job to survive. Many of my friends have expressed envy that – at least temporarily – I’m doing just that. Of course, I’m not being paid right now. I’m just living off the sale proceeds of my home, which won’t sustain me forever. But they’re right. Right now, I’m doing nothing but sleeping and haunting, and it is glorious. I think I want to spend some time talking with the lot of them to see if there’s a way that we can all support each other to make this dream a reality.

Tough Decisions Punted

Failing that, however, I will have to decide where to live and how to live before winter gets here. That’s going to be a tough decision. And I’m sure I’ll be talking about that a lot in future entries, so I won’t spend much time talking about it now. All I do know is that I’m doing the irresponsible thing by not thinking about this now and dragging my heels on a decision. The old me would never have done that.

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