Summaries of Days 32 and 33 – Crust Life

Crust Life

In a horror movie, this would be the point where the protagonist turns around and gets the fuck out of dodge if he wants to live. But I kept going…

Route 66 paid off with some great ghost towns and crust punk havens. And right now, I’m in downtown St. Louis right now. But there are no haunters, creeps, or black-clad punks hanging around. Nor is there an HAAS banner hanging on the Convention Center. Is it possible I arrived a little early for TransWorld 2018?

Route Updates

Friday / Day 32: Cibola National Forest, Albuquerque, Newkirk, Glenrio, Amarillo, VW Slug Bug Ranch, Oklahoma City

Saturday / Day 33: Tulsa, Springfield, St. Louis

Final Entry

This will be my final entry “on the road”. Tomorrow I am headed to Madison to meet with my friend. Afterward I will spend the night near Green Bay, which will officially conclude this trip. Then, I’ll head up to Nicolet National Forest for a few days to unwind before moving on with life.

Ghost Towns

GlenrioRoute 66 yielded a few precious gems in the form of ghost towns. Despite the deadly hazards of the route to and from Oatman, it was still a fascinating experience to drive through the town and I regret that I was not in a position to take more photographs.

Yesterday I went through Newkirk and Glenrio. Glenrio was the first ghost town where I felt comfortable enough to get out of the vehicle and actually go into some of the abandoned buildings. I don’t know how to put into words what it’s like to walk through a building that’s literally falling apart, but from the perspective of a haunter, it was nevertheless full of inspiration.

Crust Life at the VW Slug Bug Ranch
Free Candy Inside

I want to live here.

I was aware of two vehicle graveyards around Amarillo, Texas. I’m forgetting why I only picked the Bug Ranch to visit and to go past the Cadillac Ranch, but I’m glad I did. I did drive past and see the Cadillac Ranch, and it didn’t look all that impressive. Plus there were a lot of tourists stopped there.

Bug Ranch

Impeach the Cheeto Dictator

In contrast, there was no one else at the Slug Bug Ranch apart from a single young man also touring the site. Maybe it’s because – in addition to the cemetery of tagged VWs, the area also included several abandoned buildings which had clearly been used as shelters for other crust punks. Run down and falling apart similarly to the buildings in Glenrio, I snapped up some great pictures of the tags left behind. I could have remained there all day reading the tags. I would have even considered crashing overnight in the building had I not been so certain that we would eventually have had company.


I guess that’s it for today. I imagine I might have quite a bit to talk about tomorrow, but probably won’t bother with another blog entry until the middle of next week.

Tomorrow morning, before I leave St. Louis, I’m going to go hunting for information regarding parking lots, public transit, and other hotels in St. Louis. I’m paying quite a bit for this hotel (Magnolia) room this evening – it’s comparable (and right next door) to the Marriott – the hotel I usually stay at when I go to TransWorld. But I can’t afford multi-day stays at the Marriott or Magnolia in the future. So I want low cost alternatives.

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