Point Beach State Forest

Today was my birthday, so Remy and I went down to the dog beach at Point Beach State Forest near Two Rivers. Apart from overcast skies and the threat of afternoon storms, the weather was hot and humid – perfect weather for cooling off in a lake.

Sitting Still, for Once

Point Beach State ForestTo be honest, I really didn’t expect to be at the beach for much more than an hour. I expected to be bored, and I’ve already talked at length in the past about my aversion to lingering in one place. So I chalk it up as a good sign or at least an improving trend that we stayed at the beach for over three hours.

In fact, I was quite content to remain at the beach even longer. But one of my colleagues invited me over for a visit with his dog at a nearby park, so we packed up and met with him for about an hour before returning home.

Dog Beach at Point Beach State Forest

Spending the day at the beach on a Monday. Life sure is rough for us.

Sticking around even had an unexpected reward. I was hoping for a bit of privacy, and figured I might get it since it’s Monday. But sure enough, there were about a half dozen other families at the beach. I managed to engage in some light conversation with my nearest neighbors. But since we stayed so long, everyone else left the beach before us and – for the last half hour – Remy and I enjoyed the entire beach to ourselves.

Miserable Excuse for a Lab

Dog BeachRemy has no problem playing in water, and she’ll gladly wade into the creek at the dog park near our home. But she’s the only lab I know of who is not keen on going deep enough to swim. Getting her out into Lake Michigan at all was like pulling teeth. Me and some of the other beach-goers played fetch with all of our dogs collectively. We managed to get Remy to go into the Lake a little bit, but not once was she willing to venture out as far as the other dogs to retrieve whatever ball, stick, or Frisbee we threw into the lake.

Hypothermia? Fuck yeah!

I, on the other hand, was the only person willing to brave the cold waters enough to go under water. As hot as the air was, the waters could not have been more than 55°F, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was actually in the 40s. I thought I was going to die of shock, but I was determined to get my entire body in the water. After all, admission was $8. It wasn’t easy, either. Sandbars keep the water very shallow. I had to walk out at least 100 yards from the shore just to get the water to chest level. It was so cold, that just the brief dip below was all I could stand before heading back to the beach.

Birthday Celebration

LighthouseI’m not really keen on celebrating my own birthday, nor any other holiday for that matter (apart from Halloween, of course). But it gave me an excuse to get out of the office for the day, and to spoil Remy with a trip to Dairy Queen for some ice cream.

St. Peter

After visiting with my colleague at the Two Rivers marina, we came back home. On my way, I snapped this picture of a church – St. Peters in Mishicot. As an atheist who is hostile toward the whole idea of religion, I’m not a huge fan of churches. But the architecture and stonework really struck me as beautiful. I don’t know if it could properly be called “gothic”, but it certainly had that feel.

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