Midwest Haunter’s Convention

Funny story – today is my birthday.  I didn’t realize it until late this afternoon, when I was driving back home. And the only reason I became aware of it was because a friend sent me a “happy birthday” message. But for that, I would have gone the entire day without remembering.

Midwest Haunters Convention

This weekend was Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio. I was told to expect a “lite” version of TransWorld, and that’s precisely what I got. Frankly, after the awesomeness of the HAAS, I think anything smaller would automatically have to be a disappointment. At MHC – the only things I found impressive were things that I already saw in St. Louis. The things I didn’t already see in St. Louis were not particularly impressive.

The overall convention floor was smaller and quieter. I was able to make two full round through the trade show in less than an hour. A 9 hour drive each way and a 2 night stay in the hotel… for that? Yeah, I felt gypped. The vendor displays seemed lackluster and cheap by comparison. In fact, there were a few vendors who – if I hadn’t been impressed by their display at TransWorld, I would have formed a pretty negative opinion of based on their showing at MHC.

Once again, my introversion dominated. I skipped the Zombie Walk on account of the hot weather and the fact that I didn’t bring a heat-friendly costume. I was able to see most of the parade from my hotel room, and I’m glad I skipped it. It didn’t look nearly as interesting or as fun as it was made out to be in the promo videos. I did attend the Masquerade Ball for all of 15 minutes. It was a purely social event – not a networking event. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought my ticket.

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