Mammoth Cave National Park

As soon as I finished with Wrecked at the Weidner, I came home to pack and leave for my next trip to Kentucky. My destination this time was Mammoth Cave National Park. The sole draw was to visit a real cave, something I hadn’t done before.

The Trip

The road trip itself was fairly unremarkable. It was little more than a 9 hour drive in each direction, and most of the route (everything north of Indianapolis) passed through familiar territory.

Unfortunately, my timing and a few traffic delays caused me to arrive at the park after its visitor office closed. I was unable to get assistance in finding the dispersed campgrounds. We spent about an hour stumbling around in the dark until we found the campsite at Houchins Ferry.

The campsite was nice. It was fairly quiet and there weren’t too many other campers (which was to be expected this time of year). We didn’t tent, but instead slept in the truck. I think I’m finally getting the hang of how to do it more comfortably.

I took Remy for a couple of walks down to the ferry launch, which deposits into the Green River. Remy frolicked in the waters, though she wasn’t prepared for the artificial and sudden drop in depth when she got out a little too far.

Mammoth Cave
Mammoth Cave National Park

Frozen Niagara

In the morning, we drove back to the visitor center for the Frozen Niagara Tour I reserved. The tour itself was just fine. I admit it wasn’t quite what I expected. I imagined a more open layout than the narrow path our guide led us down. I was also disappointed that we didn’t get to see any bats. Apparently, a fungal disease has greatly depressed the bat population.

Despite the lack of bats, our tour guide treated us to another surprise (if not unwelcome!). After leading us through a particular area not once, but twice, he corralled my tour group and had us hold a position for a few moments before shining a flashlight on the ceiling. His light revealed thousands of cave crickets swarming the cave ceiling just inches above our heads.

Cave CricketsWhile that might not sound too bad, you should know that cave crickets resemble spiders, and I have a bad case of arachnophobia.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I have to share. I would have liked to have shown photos, but given the low light of the caves, most of the photos didn’t turn out very well.

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