Milwaukee and Madison

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider a trip to Milwaukee to be worthy of mentioning here. Milwaukee was my home from about 1993 until the end of 2006. I also travel there occasionally for work, since the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin is based there.

But what the hell. I decided to take an impromptu trip down to Milwaukee and Madison to visit the two REI stores located in this state. I’m in the market for a good pair of hiking boots, and although I can and will order them online, I wanted to go down in person and try on various styles before making a decision.

While I was down there, though, I did take the opportunity to pick up a couple of stuff sacks and bandannas, and window-shop for other items I might want to consider bringing with on the North American Tour.

Connecting with Long-Lost Family

Although I did not take the opportunity in Milwaukee to visit any of my estranged biological family, I did take the opportunity in Madison to visit with some of my haunt family.

Madison, Wisconsin

Capitol Building from State Street, Madison

The former owner of Terror on the Fox (Beaker) lives near Madison and happened to be working a gig in downtown Madison. We met for dinner and talked shop. We talked a little about what had happened at Terror on the Fox (internal stuff I wasn’t previously aware of) before he left and what I had observed there since the new owners took over. He also asked me a lot of questions about my upcoming trips.

It was nice to see Beaker again.

I will say that I need to be a lot more careful about when and where I travel through Madison. A blizzard plus some rush-hour traffic (on a Saturday) made for hellish transit through downtown and much of Hwy. 151. But Remy and I both made it back in one piece.

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