Travel Companions or Solo Travel?

I have had a recurring fantasy of meeting some foreign couple during my trip, and running off with them to visit their home country. No doubt, this fantasy has been conjured in my imagination from a scene in some movie. It may be fun to experience adventures with fellow travelers. But at least in the beginning, I will be embarking on my North American Tour alone – with only Remy to keep me company.

Obstacles in Finding a Travel Companion

As a man who is neither a husband nor a father, there is no one – other than my dog – who I can drag along with me on this trip. While I may have a few friends who share in my travel dreams, none have expressed a desire to accompany me on this trip. Even if any of them had expressed interest, I can’t think of any of them who are willing to do what is necessary (or in a position to be able to do so) to embark on a journey of this magnitude.

Benefits of Solo Travel

Solo TravelI don’t mind that I will have to start this trip alone. The first few weeks will be a get-away-from-it-all vacation for me, and I’ll welcome the privacy and solitude. Beyond those benefits, I will also enjoy freedom to travel where and when I want. I won’t have to respond to anyone’s needs or desires besides my own. Additionally, the triumphs of overcoming obstacles will taste sweeter if I conquer them on my own with no assistance.

I’m quite accustomed to solitude. I have never been a particularly social or outgoing individual. Although I hope to change those aspects of my personality in the course of this journey, I am at least comforted by the fact that I can cope with loneliness more easily than others might.

Benefits of Travel Companions

That is not to say that I would mind having a travel companion. For all the benefits of solo travel, I cannot ignore the benefits of traveling with friends. It would be nice to be able to share the experiences with someone else. The trip itself might not feel quite so intimidating if there are two (or more) of us putting our heads together to solve problems. A travel companion would also make it easier to care for Remy, particularly if I need to go somewhere where she is not allowed.

Travel CompanionsShould serendipity see fit to endow me with such a companion, it would be more likely to occur once I’m on the road and in the midst of other travelers. Other people who have cast off their societal obligations and have the freedom to team up with other nomads.

Currently, most of my friends are fellow haunt actors. There’s nothing wrong with that – I feel blessed to have finally met people who share my haunt-related values. But I have no friends who are nomads or hardcore travelers. I have no one I can relate to with regard to travel. Despite my shyness and introversion, I am looking forward to making new friends who share my travel values.

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