Necrophilia Corpses – Set 1 (of 4) (NSFW)

The first pair of my necrophilia corpses is now complete. I haven’t given these guys names, yet. I think I might wait until the full set is complete before I decide which names to assign to which corpses.

Necrophilia Corpses - Set 1

YouTube Tutorial

By no means did I invent this method of corpsing. I learned this from Allen Hopps at Stiltbeast Studios. But since I began doing this in late 2015, I’ve obviously developed my own techniques and style over the years. I’ve been reluctant to share those techniques in great detail because I thought I might someday like to make a business out of selling these corpses.

As an attorney, I ran a service-based business. And a service-based business has its own headaches, to be sure. But at least I’m familiar with those headaches. I don’t think I want to learn the headaches of a product-based business. Customer complaints, returns, defects, damage, products not being up to their precise demands, shipping, etc. By mixing income with my passion for corpsing, I’d likely ruin my passion. I’d have to mass-produce these corpses in order to live off of that income, but I’m a craftsman, not a factory. And the permanent work space I would need would inhibit my goal of location independence.

So the next pair of corpses I build, I will film and narrate as I go along. If you want to learn how to build corpses the same way I do, I’ll be sharing all that I know. Hopefully I’ll be able to start loading videos within the next several weeks.

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