Green Bay and the Wild West

Seeing as how I’ve decided to remain in Green Bay for the foreseeable future, I think it’s time I settle back into my home.

No One Strolls Anymore

Local TouristThere’s a scene in Penny Dreadful where Dr. Seward hypnotizes Renfield and they stroll through a Chinatown dreamscape to find Dracula. The scene has stuck in my head – for whatever reason – and I’ve been yearning to do some casual strolling and exploration. Of course, this isn’t the only example of such things in Penny Dreadful. Ethan takes Brona to the Grand Guignol, Vanessa and Dorian explore an arboretum, Lily and Dorian visit a Waxworks, and more.

As I was driving home from the dog park today, it occurred to me how dramatically insular our society has become. All I could see for miles in every direction was cars and buildings. People were in cars. People were in buildings. But there wasn’t a person standing or walking outside to be seen. It makes one realize that with all our modern conveniences, the idea of strolling around and exploring (rather than driving to a place we Googled in advance) is somewhat lost.

You’ll hardly ever see a kid backpacking across North America eating street food the way you would in Europe or Asia.

This isn’t to say, of course, that no one ever goes outside here. Of course we do. But we don’t do it as often as we used to, and it seems to require much more conscientious effort.

Becoming a Local Tourist

I love travel to new and exciting places, and Green Bay is the very antithesis of an exciting place. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing this city has ever had going for it in the past hundred years is our ridiculous football team. Yay. Certainly anything that someone would want to do here in Green Bay – you can find much bigger and better examples of in bigger and better cities.

Venues and EventsBut seeing as how I’m stuck here, and my new job will restrict my future travels considerably – I might as well make the best of it. I’ve spent the day bookmarking various websites for local venues and events that I can visit throughout the year on my days off. I’m going to share part of this list here for three reasons… One, as a reminder and accountability tool for myself. Two, for the benefit of any other bored Green Bay locals who read this blog. Three, for the benefit of any bored people living anywhere else who could use some inspiration or ideas of things to search for in their own home towns.

Now mind you, this is a personal list. It reflects my preferences. I don’t give two fucks about football, but I love hockey. So, in this list of things to do in Green Bay, my list will have no mention of the fucking Packers. But there are a few ice arenas listed here. So use this list as you see fit, but don’t think for a moment that it is an exhaustive list of things to do here or anywhere else. But note that the list is almost exclusively a list of “experiences” and not stores that sell material goods.

Green Bay Events and Venues

I’m still trying to find bars that cater to metalheads and punks, but so far, I’ve not been successful.

In Other News…

Not only have I decided to remain in Green Bay, but now I can. I finally found a new place to live. I sign the lease tomorrow, and then it will be official. It’s a fairly unremarkable place. What I like about it is that all utilities – including electricity – are included. That will give me the freedom to consume electricity and not be so stingy about it, and save money on my overall rent and utility bills. It also has a lot of smooth surface floors, which means I can worry less about leaving Remy home alone for long periods of time.

The yard sucks, and I’ll be dealing with private landlords rather than a professional corporate landlord. No garage, but I do get a carport, which is a slight improvement. I’ll be staying on the west side, and my commute to work will become slightly longer (but negligible). But I’ll be a lot closer to the grocery store, dog park, and Green Bay Fear. Aside from work, these are the places I’ve been visiting most frequently in recent months.

So I won’t be homeless. At least not for very long. There might be a short gap between when I have to be out of my current apartment and when I’ll be able to get into my new apartment. Probably not longer than 24 hours, but if I have to work during those 24 hours, that’s going to present a problem for Remy. Hopefully I can get Bones and Morgan to watch her while I’m at work. If not, I may have to board her.

The Wild West

When I came back from the North American Road Trip, I was pretty hung up on the nomadic lifestyle and – for a time – designed a lot of haunt characters and corpses and haunt scenes based on the nomadic lifestyle.

Wild West

Ghost Riders in “Teen Wolf”

Somewhat related to that has been the idea of horror in the wild west. What got me thinking about it was a trailer for Red Dead Redemption. Though not an explicit horror game (I think, I haven’t played it yet), it reminded me of the third season of Penny Dreadful and a lot of the sights I saw during last year’s North American Road Trip and this year’s UrbEx Road Trip.

When I was younger, I used to shy away from wild west themed things. I think because I associated it with a lot of my distant relatives who have an unhealthy fetish (in my opinion) for rodeo hats and cowboy boots. But when I set aside that prejudice, I must confess that the wild west blends quite nicely with horror. Frankly, I feel like it’s an underutilized theme in today’s haunt culture.

Why do I mention this? It’s still early in the brainstorming process, but I might lean pretty hard in this direction for future haunt crafting.

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