Road Trip Survival Guide – YouTube Video Series

YouTubeAs previously mentioned, I’ve begun work on a YouTube version of the Road Trip Survival Guide. I have now published the first two videos. The playlist can be accessed by clicking here. You can subscribe to my channel to be notified of new videos, as they go live. I hope to upload at least one new video each week, if not more.

Please forgive the quality of these videos. I don’t do a lot of video blogging. My editing skills are rudimentary, and I have no incentive to purchase any quality hardware or software. I’ve also learned that – given my speech patterns – it’s better for me to read directly from a script, so I won’t be appearing on camera very much.

Really, I just wanted to publish a video series to accommodate people who’d rather listen to or watch the advice, rather than reading lengthy essays. I hope you find the series valuable. I’ll post an update here again after I have uploaded the final video.

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