The Hitchhiking Aliens Game

Last summer, during the North American Road Trip, I found a toy construction truck on the side of a road in Northern California. I carried it with me for a few weeks for fun. When I reached Moab, Utah, I decided to make a little scavenger hunt game out of it. I left it behind in Moab with a post to Instagram and GPS coordinates, in the hopes that someone else would come find it – again, for fun.

Although the post got a little feedback, nobody ever claimed to have found the toy. It was a bit of a stretch, and it wasn’t very well thought out. So I decided that I’m going to try the game again this year, during the Forgotten States Road Trip. This time, I’ve got a dozen little green aliens. Hopefully, the larger number will increase the chances that at least one of them will be found. Plus, I’m going to put a little more forethought into the instructions this time.

The Hitchhiking Aliens Game

Hitchhiking Aliens GameHello #CITY!!

I’d like to play a silly little game with you. I picked up this hitchhiking alien and dropped him off at a spot very close to you. You can find him by navigating to these coordinates: ##°##’##” N ###°##’##” W.

Once you’ve found the alien, here’s what to do next…

  1. Post a comment below this photo to indicate that you have found him. That way, no one else wastes their time looking for the alien.
  2. Take the alien and give him a ride. Find a new spot where the alien can hide and wait for his next ride. You can take him anywhere you like, but try to take him as far away from where you picked him up as you are able. This game will be a lot more fun if the alien can rack up some serious mileage.
  3. Once you’ve found a new hiding spot for the alien, take a new picture of the alien and post it to Instagram.
  4. Copy and paste these instructions and include them with your post.
    1. Change the location name (in red) to draw the attention of people near the new hiding spot.
    2. Change the GPS coordinates (green) for the new hiding spot so someone else can find the alien and keep the game going.
    3. Please include the hashtag #AlienNomadXX (each alien will be numbered 1-12) so we can track the progress of this alien.

Thanks for playing!


Tracking the Aliens

I’ve created a special map in Google to track the progress of each alien. I will update this map as soon as I can after I get a notification that one of the hashtags has been used.

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