One-Eyed Doll

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t share a music video on this blog. I’ve been curating my existing music collection since the late 90s and the days of Napster. I’m very proud of my music collection, just as I am proud of my horror film collection. But I’m pretty sure nobody comes here to read my playlists or to hear me gush over the¬†boys of Apocalyptica.

But once in a while, I come across a precious jewel. When I do, I feel compelled to share my discovery, as I did with Deathgasm. Last night, I discovered Kimberly Freeman.

One-Eyed Doll

I haven’t listened to all of her music yet, but so far, I’ve sampled a number of tracks.

I’d Switch Teams For Her

I love everything about this song. The music is what caught my attention, first, since I was hearing it on Spotify. Then the lyrics began to sink in. I knew pretty quickly that I had found gold, and that’s when I started pulling up the music videos.

I met a boy, he liked my smile
We fell in love for a little while
He kissed me on the lips and it tasted sweet
So I chopped him into pieces and cooked his meat!

What’s not to love? Kimberly is a perfect little goth. Great hair, great make-up, great costumes, great sets, full of energy, great movements… everything is just a perfect 10 out of 10 in this video. I can tell by the aesthetics in this video that she’s no stranger to haunts, either. In another video – Be My Friend – she’s got this perfect blend of fucked-up psycho and quirky sweetheart.

If I had to go straight for someone, it would be someone like Kimberly. Fortunately, I doubt she’s that desperate for a man! So, I’m off the hook. But more realistically, I would give up my left hand to work on her productions. I am thoroughly impressed.

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