Till Death Do Us Part

NecrophiliaI’ve completed one other corpse project after “Nasir”. I had two more miniature skeletons to use, so rather than make two individual corpses, I decided to take what I did with Nasir to the next logical step, and actually depict some necrophilia.

Say “hi” to Shaun and Zach.

The Build

As I did with Nasir, this piece features multi-layered fleshing techniques, including a full Perma-Blood layer.

The challenge, however, was trying to sculpt two skeletons to fit together. One option would have been to lock these corpses into position with each other, and then sculpt them all at once. But that would have created the appearance that they were Siamese twins being torn apart. I could have sculpted each skeleton individually, but then getting them into position together would have been impossible.

So I had to improvise and engineer a compromise. I used a complex system of rigs to hold each skeleton into their final resting position. I then used a combination of silicone and modelling clay to lock certain joints into position. Then, very delicately, I sculpted each corpse limb separately while it was suspended in position. Sometimes I would have to push one of them slightly out of position so I could fit the flesh material in between the two corpses.


The result? It worked, for the most part. Where you can see this technique failing is with the bottom corpse’s hands, which are supposed to be resting on the top corpses’ back. Instead, there’s about an inch gap where the top’s body slumped down and away.

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