Public Service Announcement

It has come to my attention that since I’ve mentioned committing crimes in recent Road Trip Survival Guide posts (namely trespassing, minor theft, and aiding and abetting escaped convicts) – that I should probably make it clear that I am not giving you permission to commit crimes.

So let me put on my best Jim Jefferies face and do this…


I believe – in some ways – that crime is bad. I believe – when possible – you should avoid breaking the law. If you read my blog and you’re thinking about committing a crime – the Gothic Nomad says “No!”

In all seriousness…

I’m not giving you permission to break the law. And if you try to use that as your legal defense (“The Gothic Nomad said I could do it!”), the arraigning judge is going to laugh your ass out of her courtroom and into a holding cell.

I do condone, however, breaking laws that don’t actually harm people. Laws that are in place to protect the fragile sensibilities of uptight pricks. Laws that are in place to keep everyone trapped in a consumerist system and discourage the sort of self-sustaining lifestyle being advocated here on this blog. Those laws I will break – without shame or remorse – because they are stupid and I believe very passionately in this cause.

If you doubt my moral fiber, you need look no further than my lecture against killing people who are trying to rob you and my admonition of demanding sexual favors from hitchhikers.

If you need to break a silly trespassing rule to find a safe place to sleep for the night, you can do so without earning my disapproval. But you also do so at your own risk. As do we all.

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