Whistle While You Work

I’ve begun hunting for work, though without any sense of urgency. I can usually sit down one day a week (maybe two) and take the job search seriously. The other days of the week, I just goof off.

Green Bay Community Theater

workSo far, the only hit I’ve gotten was on a volunteer position with the Green Bay Community Theater. I’ve already met with one of the staff members and seem to have been welcomed (I didn’t expect to be turned away from volunteer work). I don’t mind that it’s a volunteer gig, if it paves the way (one way or another) not only to a paid job, but one that I might seriously enjoy. Most of the other jobs I’m applying for – even if they are paid – don’t excite me the way theatrical work does.

And… knock on wood it sounds like there is a possibility that this could pan out into a paid gig. A lot of “ifs” have to fall into place first, so by no means am I banking on it. But it’s quite the glimmer of hope. The only downside – if this does unfold in my favor – would be that it keeps me in Green Bay.

A major goal of mine for this week is to seriously contemplate alternative self-employment strategies. Ideally, I’m hoping to come up with a service-based idea in the haunt industry. I’ll once again be thinking about my “Grand Guignol” idea and hopefully coming up with a strategy to set some wheels in motion on that project.

Home Front

I’ve not made much progress on the home front lately, since my attention has been focused on finding a job. It’s hard to focus on living arrangements anyway since it will likely be 9 more months before I am able to act on them. And certainly those plans will be affected by whether I’m working and where I’m working. I suspect that if I find a job in Green Bay, I’ll just start looking for work elsewhere in the country after my lease expires, and then just quit and move once I’ve found something.

As for a lifestyle, I’m less certain. Now that we’re solidly into winter, I realize that I do value the comforts of heat and air conditioning more than I let on earlier this year. It’s not surprising. The main reason my trip lasted 5 weeks and not 6 months was because of the heat.

But – if we assume a baseline of human comfort to be 21°C, then on nowhere on this planet does it get hotter than it gets colder. What I mean by that is that humans have never been subject to 140°F on this planet. But many of us – especially where I live – are frequently subjected to temperatures of 0°F, and even colder than that. I remember that even in the middle of July and August – I got pretty cold on nights that dipped below 60°F. I’m no longer convinced that moving somewhere mild like the Olympic Peninsula is enough to satisfy me if I were to go feral.

Living in the mild climate of the O.P. is still better than living in the winter shitstorm of Wisconsin, so I should still consider moving to Washington. But it’s no longer a mandate. There are plenty of warm places I can go – I’d still need air conditioning and heating to survive, no matter where I go. I can move to Washington, but I’m no longer looking at it with such exclusivity.

It still does beg the question… If I don’t live feral, and if I don’t want to live in a traditional home or apartment, what are my options? Well, that’s where Green Bay Community Theater might come in. If all of those “ifs” fall into place the way I want them to, I think I might be able to make a living arrangement similar to what I did at Green Bay Fear. And if not there, then maybe somewhere else. And I think that’s going to be the focus of my strategy going forward. In essence, to live where I work, and for my work to not feel like work.

Europe Postponed

I hate to put Europe on the back burner, because it’s just going to make it harder to make the decision to go. But I’ve reluctantly done so.

The main reason is Remy. I don’t know who to leave her with for 4-8 weeks. Most people I know aren’t in a position to care for her. And of the few that are – none are reliable. I can’t afford to board her for such a length of time (nor would I want to). So until I make some new and more reliable friends, Europe has to be delayed.

There are upsides. Hopefully, a delay may mean the ability to travel to Turkey. I might also find someone with experience who can help me navigate the Russian bureaucracy for a travel visa. I could do the trip without Turkey and Russia – visit those places later when diplomatic relations improve. But I’d rather knock those out during a visit to the rest of Europe for the sake of efficiency.

Also, the Europe trip was projecting to exhaust about half of my savings. Until I find work, I’m uneasy about doing that. The catch is – if I find work, it will be that much harder to go to Europe unless I’m self-employed or find unconventional employment.

Final (for now) Corpse Project

Coming soon… Photos should be posted later this week. Fair warning – my artistic depravity is reaching new lows. Viewer discretion is advised!

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