Tarzan, the Feral Zombie

Fresh off my North American Road Trip, I wanted to pay homage to my feral days by making a Tarzan-esque corpse. As with Nasir, this one also had to be locked into position, but this position would be far less natural and more difficult to lock into place.

Tarzan’s Construction

I got him into his apish stance with rope rigging and modeling clay. I also heated up and rounded his knuckles to get Tarzan’s signature fists. This was the first corpse I added hair to (also cannibalized from a spare wig). I cut up a piece of fabric and folded an authentic loincloth for him.

Tarzan Tarzan

The one spot where I screwed up was with paint. I wanted to lightly dust him with a little bit of color – some brown and green – to make it clear he was meant to come from somewhere out in nature. Unfortunately, even the little bit of paint I spritzed on him was enough to nearly wash out all of the normal corpse coloring and render him matte.

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